What is Group Fitness

What is Group Fitness?

If you have ever taken a yoga or aerobics class, then you’ve tried Group Fitness. The term “group fitness” is a broad one, and includes any form of fitness conducted in a group setting and led by an Instructor or Trainer. With this exercise option rapidly growing in popularity, most everyone is now able to find Group Fitness class options for virtually any category of exercise.

These days, most large-scale commercial gyms will offer Group Fitness as part of their membership offering, or as an optional extra. There are also many specialized exercise and fitness studios specifically designed with Group Fitness in mind. These typically offer the opportunity for maximum diversity, with classes, programs and philosophies unique to their particular style of exercise.

Regardless of exercise type, however, almost any group fitness class offers various basic benefits. Some of these include:

  • Extra motivation
  • Friendly competition (as you like)
  • Class camaraderie (if you prefer)
  • Greater accountability
  • Professional guidance

Personal Training without the High Costs

Personal Training at the one-on-one level can become expensive. At the same time, people still need help with their exercise form, workout motivation, and personal accountability; all three are essential for optimal results.

The Solution?

Instead of struggling through every workout, missing many altogether and potentially risking injury when you do show up, try taking a group fitness class. This approach will allow you to work with a qualified Fitness Professional without the higher costs of working with a licensed Personal Trainer one-on-one.

Motivation and Accountability

If your problem is getting to the gym in the first place, a Group Fitness class can be all the motivation you need.

After all, the biggest part of your success in achieving your fitness goals is simply showing up. Missing an appointment with your Trainer is one thing…failing to show up and sweat it out with the fellow members of your 7:00 Posse (who are also expecting you) is something else.

This is the secret behind the success of Group Training. With your accountability coming from your Trainer and your group, you automatically double your motivation to suit up, show up and get the job done!

Competition and Comraderie

Of course, during the Workout itself, you’re all in it together. This presents yet another unique advantage of the Group Training style when it comes to exercise, and one which – for people who like to be social or people who like to be competitive – is an important factor.

On the social side, it’s great simply to have a few partners who you know are there for a purpose – just like you. After a Session, there’s always that chance to congratulate, chat and (depending on the workout that day) even breathe a sigh of relief together!

For those who have a mild competitive streak, however, the social aspect is also valuable. This because, well, with a little teamwork often comes some friendly competition – or maybe it’s better to say “competition”; we’re not talking about a desire to beat someone so much as that special team spirit pushing you to work at least as hard as the person next to you.

Which Type of Class to Choose?

While you should be able to get started in any basic style of Group Fitness class that suits your taste, it’s first recommended you consult with a Fitness and/or Health Professional. Both can present available options, and suggest classes most suitable for your fitness level and goals.

For example, any group fitness class with a focus on core training is likely not ideal for a newcomer since it will require some already existing midsection muscle development to truly obtain a benefit. Someone with little background or experience may even have difficulty completing such a class.

As such, be sincere about your goals, but also be honest with yourself about your level of fitness experience. Most group fitness classes can accommodate a beginner – even if it’s just to try a few simple things – so be sure to inform your Instructor of any concerns you have. They’ll be able to help transform your beginning into a truly great start!

How to Prepare for your First Group Fitness Class

While all classes are a bit different, there are still a few basic tips to keep in mind when preparing for your first Group Fitness class:

  • Bring a sweat towel. Many gyms provide them, but better safe than sorry!
  • Bring a water bottle; this keeps you from having to leave class to get a sip of water.
  • Again, talk to the Instructor before class if you have any questions or concerns. Many Trainers are able to “work around” an injury, but they’ve got to know about it first.
  • Get familiar with the equipment before class, and (again) ask any questions you have.
  • Talk to other members. This will likely give you some insight on what to expect as a First-Timer, and you may even make a friend or two!

To wrap up: Group Fitness is a great way to finally find motivation and accountability for your workout routine, while also working with a Personal Trainer who can provide assistance and guidance to help you get the results you want!

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