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Sean Wells

(ACE, ACSM, Pn1)

After over a decade as a Fitness Professional, Sean Wells (ACE|ACSM|Pn1) established Solid State Fitness in 2016 with an aspiration to personally deliver the benefits of Exercise and Nutrition to all who need it...

In his opinion, that’s everyone!

Raised by an R.N. and inspired by a family with quite a few Doctors, Sean now takes a new direction in the profession of Personal Training—redefining proper eating and exercise as much more than just “good 

Sean Wells (ACE, ACSM, Pn1)

for you”. Here in the 21st century, he upholds it as the foundation of the next generation of preventative medicine, and the highest form of Public Health.

Passionate about this new approach for Health, Fitness, Longevity, and Wellness, Sean considers himself a proud pioneer in a soon-to-prevail paradigm shift. His unique vision is for a major move beyond the intervention of traditional medicine – which his family proudly practiced, and which is still needed – to its logical successor: the prevention made possible through the most recent developments, discoveries, and innovation in the realm of Exercise and Nutrition!

In other words—for Sean, Fitness is the New Health: a key component of life, and an important part of our standard of living. It’s a place anyone can reach, and a place absolutely everyone belongs.

He specializes in Training for professional people, rather than professional athletes, and as a company, Solid State Fitness is modeled to match!

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