5 Superfoods That Earn Their Name

2021/02/02 | 0 Comments
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The term “superfood” was originally coined to distinguish nutrient-dense foods shown to make a highly positive impact on human health. Many do legitimately earn their name, providing diverse, concentrated and essential nutrients the body needs to function properly and/or optimally.More specifically, a typical superfood may be known to reduce inflammation…

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Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

2019/10/02 | Comments Off on Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss
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looking at self in mirror in jeans

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss “I know, I know…I really need to lose weight.” “If I could just lose this weight…” “I don’t think I eat badly, but I just can’t seem to lose this weight!”   Any Fitness Professional can (naturally) expect to hear statements like these as a…

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Put the Fear of Getting Bulky to Bed

2019/06/25 | Comments Off on Put the Fear of Getting Bulky to Bed
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Put the Fear of Getting Bulky to Bed First, a couple quick questions: Are you looking to get a little leaner? Are you looking for better Health and Fitness? Oops. One more…almost forgot (and it’s important): Are you female? If you answered yes to either of the first two questions…

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Why You Should Try Group Fitness Classes

2019/05/06 | Comments Off on Why You Should Try Group Fitness Classes
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What is Group Fitness? If you have ever taken a yoga or aerobics class, then you’ve tried Group Fitness. The term “group fitness” is a broad one, and includes any form of fitness conducted in a group setting and led by an Instructor or Trainer. With this exercise option rapidly…

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