Donna Rogers

I've never been a couch potato - I've always been pretty active. However, the past couple of years I started feeling workouts were getting boring, and I found excuses to skip going to the gym. Sean changed that for me when I started working with him in September of 2015 when I was about to turn 60…

After eight months of training with him three days a week, I feel like I'm back in shape and once again hungering for more activity in my life. Each workout is different from the last—how many Trainers can make workouts fun and entertaining?

My favorite expression about Sean when we're working out is, ‘He's always thinking!’ I always go away feeling I got what I needed that day!

I can, without hesitation, recommend Sean as a Trainer. He will always ‘be thinking’ and is always innovative in his training plans, making sure the individuals goals are met.


Maureen Carlin

I'm in an office setting Monday through Friday. My hobby is gardening. 1.5 years ago I joined a great gym to build a health and wellness lifestyle for myself, and this is where I met Sean.

I didn't need weight loss, but wanted to feel strong and toned. Still, with Sean's support, after my first 30 days of training I lost 3/4 inch off my waist! What I like most about his training programs is that they're composed with thought and purpose to the individual with great music, fun, focus and varied exercises…

His presentation is experienced, with explanation of proper form and effect, and he gives options based on limitations. He encourages me beyond my perceived limitations. The rhythm of his sessions is seamless. Always I have to go to that deep place inside me to hit the final counts and reach the top of the hour. The carrot at the end - Our celebratory fist pump and his 'I knew you could do it' smile! After each session I feel great, happy and strong—confident!!!

Sean displays effortless strength that inspires me. I see him caringly support his clients in weight loss goals, sports performance goals, happy-healthy goals and physical rehabilitation comebacks. He lives the lifestyle and he's enthusiastic for mine!

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Rick Gillespie

For the past three years that I’ve trained with Sean, I’ve gained confidence in my ability to push my physical well-being. Two of Sean’s strongest attributes is making sure his clients are performing the exercise properly, thus avoiding injury, and pushing each person to maximize their potential. After each session, I leave with a feeling of satisfaction both mentally and physically.

Stephen Yonce

Stephen Yonce

Over time, my biggest exercise challenge has been consistency, or more specifically, maintaining consistency. I travel a lot and have an ever-changing and demanding schedule between work and home, so keeping to a routine is difficult, but Sean has helped me make it (and me) work. The combination of a constant and start-to-finish attention to proper form, along with consistent variety, makes for a unique workout every time. He's helped me gain strength, flexibility, endurance and really improve my form for maximum results. I feel both fatigued and fantastic after every session and am enjoying the best health of my life thanks to Sean.

Traci Collins

Traci Collins

I have worked with Sean for roughly a year and a half. When I started, I had shoulder pain and limited mobility for roughly 10 years after an experimental surgery. Sean provided a workout plan that strengthened the right muscles to relieve the stress on my shoulder.

Now I have no shoulder pain, and I have increased my mobility where I can do pull-ups again! I was also able to hit my weight loss goals with his coaching as well. Sean is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

Sherri V


I have been working with Sean for almost 3 years and he is the best! He is very knowledgeable, professional, personable and has brought me such a long ways in my workouts. I have some limitations and he has always worked with me patiently and yet pushes me to do better. I have worked with other trainers but never one better than Sean Wells.

Crissy O'C

I had the great fortune to meet Sean almost 2 years ago. I am one of 'those people" that need an appointment for the gym. Sean is a great encourager & keeps me on my toes. His knowledge of physical fitness is superior. After working regularly with Sean I was able to accomplish one of my goals & I'm back to running 3+ miles. I have recommended several friends to Sean & I always get positive feedback.

DeeDee M

I've worked with Sean for almost 3 years. Friend think he is Magic because 3 years ago I would have told you exercise is something we should reserve for punishments. Now I'm a regular at the gym. Sean is really great at getting you into a workout without knowing you just committed to a workout! I've always questioned my own strength and on my own I don't push myself. No chance with Sean. He is like a workout whisperer. There is zero yelling for one more, just some how he keeps you pushing your limits. Workouts are so rewarding at the end.

Wendy S

I've known Sean for several years, and if it wasn't for his guidance and support at the previous gym where he worked, I may have given up on training. He is strongly invested in fitness theory, and he leads by example. I would recommend Sean to anyone (at any level) looking for a personal trainer.

Stacey L

Sean is great! He kept me motivated and strong through the holidays and some of my busiest times!

John C

Expert in every way, Sean Wells of Solid State Fitness is just as much "what he does" as "who he is". Friendly, knowledgable, & helpful -- SEAN WELLS is YOUR KEY to both personal wellness & fitness success. 🙂

Taco F

Very professional, prompt, great with communication. Highly recommended.

Simon P

Sean is great to work with, very professional, very knowledgeable, and gets results. I give him a big two thumbs up!

Traci C

Sean is very knowledgeable and meets you where you are in fitness level. I've been working out with Sean for several years and have seen great results

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