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What Should I Expect From My Trainer?

In short, an expert. One who understands your journey and has the knowledge you need to succeed…

A good Trainer makes sure you are having a great Session every time, but that attention ends with that Session. Great Trainers will also make sure you’re learning the long-term lessons of Health and Fitness – we are truly invested in your goals, understand your journey and are with you every step of the way.

From our very first conversation, it’s all about you and your long-term success in fitness.  After a comprehensive evaluation of your health history, lifestyle and exercise experience, our programming is carefully crafted to both meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be for your optimum fitness, health, and longevity.

Our promise is that our method works if you work it — and with our Expert-Level Programming and Training, you can work it your way.

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Raised by a Registered Nurse, Sean learned lessons about healthy living right from the start. This appreciation and respect for the life-changing power of a sound mind and body eventually created his career as a Fitness Professional. After much work and study, Sean established Solid State Fitness in 2016 to spread his particular philosophy of Fitness and personally deliver the best benefits of Exercise and Nutrition to a world that needs it…one Client at a time.
His unique programs and protocols take proper eating and effective exercise far beyond dropping a few quick pounds — they’re designed to help you live longer and stronger, to keep you healthy, and to make you lean for LIFE!

Sean Wells (ACE, ACSM, Pn1)

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Program Offerings

How Often Do You Want to Workout?

2 Weekly Workouts

Hectic Schedule or not...
Start Getting Healthy Today!

2 Weekly Workouts

The process of getting healthy and fit is a Marathon, not a Sprint – 2 Weekly Workouts is a great start and may even be the best solution for you!

Includes Client Interview, Initial Assessment, Program Design, Full Email and Text Correspondence and 2 Supervised Workouts Weekly.


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3 Weekly Workouts

The Tried-and-True Training Model
for Total Health and Fitness!

3 Weekly Workouts

This trifecta template has tradition on its side, and for many it represents just the right balance for scheduling work, life and play... get yourself firm, fit, strong and healthy!

Includes Client Interview, Initial Assessment, Program Design, Full Email and Text Correspondence and 3 Supervised Workouts Weekly.


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4 Weekly Workouts

Less Time per Workout...
Same Great Results!

4 Weekly Workouts

Have more flexibility per week and enjoy more frequent Workouts? This is the plan for the Fitness Enthusiast who likes their Supervised Sessions!

Includes Client Interview, Initial Assessment, Program Design, Full Email and Text Correspondence and 4 Supervised Workouts Weekly.


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When it comes to your motivation, good Trainers make sure you keep moving during your Sessions, but the rest of the day is left to you. Great Trainers also recognize that along with being willing to put in work you may need some extra insight into the real reasons for proper exercise and eating, along with helping you discover your Personal Why

At Solid State Fitness, we’re always willing to help and to answer any questions you have. Learn more about our Training Programs, Fitness Philosophy and all the Benefits we offer by filling out the form below – we’ll be in touch soon!