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Let’s start with everything an in-person fitness trainer does for you. They evaluate your current physical status to help you set fitness goals. Planning goes into scheduling and building workout routines. Scheduled training sessions hold you accountable and provide structure. Some fitness trainers even offer nutritional and diet coaching. They observe exercise forms and give feedback for improvement. Depending on the client, workout routines are modified for pregnancy or injury. Fitness coaches educate about general fitness and provide resources promoting overall health.

Online fitness trainers do all of this for you too, with some extra perks and benefits. All aspects of the online trainer experience are designed to give clients the most freedom and control over their fitness journey, including personalized routines.

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What Are The Added Benefits Of Online Fitness Training?

For starters, you’re in charge of your own fitness schedule. Training in gyms and fitness studios limits your window of workout time to their business hours. Driving to and from your session takes more time away from your already busy day. An online fitness coach adjusts to your schedule, not the other way around. Say goodbye to extra commutes and hello to personalized workouts even if you’re on a business trip.

Online fitness coaches are a call, text, or app away. In-person visits and cancellations are expensive even though some coaches can only see you once a week. By having a virtual coach, you have an expert at the touch of a button. Got an extra hour of free time unexpectedly? Good luck locking down an opening at the gym or getting there on time. It’s easier and smarter to contact your online trainer, set up an impromptu session, and take advantage of your schedule.

You can ask questions during your solo workouts. Professional fitness coaches want to teach you how to exercise properly on your own, especially when you’re not in a session. When you start to practice solo, you may still have some questions about what to do and how to do it. If you’re working out on your own and aren’t sure about your exercise form, take a picture or video and send it to your online fitness coach. They can give you pointers, suggestions, or positive reinforcement without the time commitment of a full training session.

Online Personal Training for At Home Workouts

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Think about your fitness goals and how a trainer can help you achieve them. You need to be motivated for your in-person or online exercise routine to get you results. Personal coaches can only do so much for you since you have to be ready to put in the work. If you’re looking to improve muscle tone, lose weight, or build strength, an online fitness coach is the best step you can take towards reaching your fitness goals. A trainer helps you identify and define fitness goals, then helps you achieve them.

Flexible or structured schedules. It doesn’t matter what type of schedule you have because an online fitness coach works around you. If you prefer impromptu workouts when you have last-minute precious free time, text your online coach. For demanding or rigid schedules, simply book regular appointments through your virtual fitness trainer and stay organized. Your exercise routine is in your complete control.

Look at their training style and coaching methods. Online fitness coaches are people too! They all have different personalities and approaches. Figure out which styles work best for you by trying out a few different trainers. Many coaches offer free consultations or discounts off your first session specifically for this reason. Once you find out if you need a drill sergeant or a gentle motivator, you’ll be well on your way with the guidance of your online fitness coach.

Do you like working out alone or in groups? Everyone’s different, especially when it comes to workout preferences. Consider whether you like the buddy system, flying solo, or prefer small groups. Online fitness coaches offer a wide variety of services and formats to get your heart pumping. Reach out to your trainer and ask what formats they offer or what adjustments they can make to match your needs.

How Do I Know How To Find The Best Online Fitness Coach?

Do they seem like they want the best for you? The good personal trainers make sure you’re having an effective workout at the studio. The great personal trainers make sure they’re teaching you how to effectively workout no matter where you are. Talk with your online fitness coach and ask open ended questions to get a feel for their approach. If they’re engaging with you, investing in your goals, and truly want to educate you about fitness, it’s likely they are looking out for your best interest.

Research past client reviews, certifications, education, and experience. Online fitness coaches have website, Yelp, Facebook, and fitness app reviews. Just a few minutes of research tells you about their personality, coaching methods, and how they’ve helped other clients reach their fitness goals. See if they have specialized programming for weight loss, weight gain, or strength building. Credible fitness coaches will have certifications and formal education they’re proud to display online.

Finding the best online fitness coach does not have to be a challenge. Our fitness coaches at Solid State Fitness have the experience, credibility, and proven results you can trust. We’re proud of each client’s success story because we understand the journey to personal health and fitness. We know that everyone is different which is why we work with all fitness levels to build personalized, effective routines.

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