Why You Should Try Group Fitness Classes

If you have ever taken a yoga or aerobics class, you have tried group fitness. The term group fitness includes any form of fitness that is conducted in a group setting and is led by a personal trainer. With this exercise option growing in popularity, you are now able to find group fitness class options of any kind.

Many gyms offer a group fitness class schedule as part of their membership offering. Others require you to establish a fitness relationship with a licensed personal trainer and schedule your sessions with the trainer based on your schedule or during the times of day when the personal trainer is conducting his or her fitness training sessions. There are also many exercise and fitness studios available that are built on the idea of group fitness with regimens, classes, and programs which differ from those which may be a help in a larger gym or workout facility.

If you have not taken any group fitness classes then you have likely never experienced the various benefits, some of which include extra motivation, friendly competition, and professional guidance. It is recommended to consult with a fitness professional about the available group fitness options and classes that are most suitable for your fitness level and goals.

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For example, any group fitness class that has a heavy focus on core is more likely not ideal for a newcomer since it will require some already existing midsection muscle development to be able to obtain a benefit successfully. Not being able to complete the workout or perform the exercises correctly could be seen as a waste of your time, money and effort which could lead to an environment which would deter you from taking the appropriate steps to get into shape in the future. It is highly suggested to be honest with yourself about your level of fitness and to choose a group fitness class that is ideal. Most group fitness classes are designed for the beginner however there are group fitness classes that exist that have been developed for individuals with advanced fitness capabilities and fitness goals. Consult with a personal trainer to see which type of group fitness would be best for you. Individuals who are a bit beyond the beginner level should take the same advice and ask a professional to recommend group fitness classes that are more suitable to their fitness level and goals.

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Personal training can be expensive, but many people still need help with form, accountability, and overall results. Instead of struggling through every workout, or risking injury, take a group fitness class, which allows you to work with a fitness professional without the high costs of working with a licensed personal trainer one on one. While the trainer may not be available to you at all times in a group class, they are always there to answer questions when you have them. Go early or stay late if you are not able to ask questions in your fitness class, however, do be respectful of the trainer’s time since you are not paying for a full training session. If you do not have time before or after the class, watch throughout the class as they correct and help others. You can learn a lot just by watching and listening.


Head to a group fitness class on the days you are not motivated to work out. Those days are typically the days you will wind up having a really good workout and this will also help you maintain your confidence and motivation long term since there will be days that you are excited and pumped up to work out. Forcing yourself to work out on the days you really are not up to a workout and with the days where your work out motivation is high will result in many more days in which you successfully completed your fitness class sessions and this will be how you reach your fitness goals. If your problem is getting to the gym in the first place, a group fitness class can be all the motivation you need. It could be seen as rude to sign up for a group fitness class and bail on the class, leaving an open spot that could otherwise have been filled by someone else. Some trainers, gyms, and studios even charge a fee for missing a class if you have signed up in advance.


With group fitness classes everyone is in it together, which naturally lends itself to camaraderie among class members. For people who like to be social, this is an important factor. For those who are competitive, the social aspect is valuable because with a little camaraderie comes friendly competition, pushing you to work harder than the person next to you.

This is why group fitness is perfect for the days when your workout motivation is low, and you would otherwise breeze through an easy workout. With both your classmates and the personal trainer pushing you, you will work harder than if you had gone at it alone.


While all classes are different, there are still a few basic tips to keep in mind when preparing for your first group fitness class:

  • Bring a sweat towel. Some gyms even require them including those that do not supply their members with clean, fresh towels.
  • Bring a water bottle so you do not have to leave class to get a sip of water.
  • Talk to the instructor before class if you have any questions or concerns. It is good to tell the trainer if you have an injury of some kind, for example.
  • Get familiar with the equipment before class and ask the questions so you don’t fall behind.
  • Talk to other members. While this is not mandatory, it may give you insight on what to expect as a first timer.

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Group fitness is a great way to find motivation and accountability while working with a personal trainer who can provide assistance and guidance with form and help you get results. If you already have a membership, ask about the group classes that are available. If not, take advantage of free trials at nearby studios to see which style of group fitness you like best.

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