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The winning formula for those who do not exercise on their own and need the accountability and motivation of a Trainer to help them reach their goals.
You can do this. Solid State Fitness can help.

A solid Nutrition Plan is the foundation of Health, Fitness, and Longevity. With the right information, absolutely anyone can take advantage of our nutrition plan as component of their Training Program and reap the rewards!

Solid State Fitness

Our goal is simple: Help you be your best YOU!

Everyone knows exercise is a good idea…but not everyone knows how to exercise with proper form, what type of exercise works best or how to combine exercise with eating for best results. That’s where we come in – Solid State Fitness guides you towards sustainable weight loss, strength gains and a lifetime of health and fitness!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength or just get in shape, our Programs can get you to your goals – and you’ll start to feel the benefits from Day One. Working with Solid State Fitness means getting guidance, trustworthy information and expert advice every step of the way.

What We Bring Our Clients...



The sum-total of inspiration, willingness and attention to detail needed to achieve success.



The ongoing accumulation and refinement of knowledge for more skillful and applicable service.



The strength, thoughtfulness and resolve necessary to safeguard health of character in all relationships.



The translation of abstract theory to applicable practice with an emphasis on usefulness and pragmatism.



The optimistic and benevolent pull towards making a positive difference in people’s lives and the world at large.


What We Offer

Our services provide a range of benefits to help you be your BEST you!

Weight Loss

Our exercise and nutrition programs are designed to help you achieve optimal body composition, strengthen your cardiovascular system, regulate your hormones, alleviate stress and – best of all – to finally achieve your weight loss goals!

Strength & Energy

We’ll not only help you get a sleek physique, but also improve your strength, mobility, posture and overall health. Your muscles are your metabolism, and a stronger body is also a leaner, more agile and more energetic one!

Healthy Habits

Gradually introducing new routines and practices helps foster positive, lasting change. We’ll help you establish healthy routines that will quickly transform into lifetime habits – helping you to stay lean for life!

Community & Lifestyle

The Simple Truth: a support network is key to your success in making and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. We offer full accessibility via Video, Text and Email, plus high-quality content on our YouTube Channel and Blog.